• To serve as the unappointed ombudsman of Western press coverage of Russia
  • To provide informed analysis on contemporary events, relations, economics, and literature in Russia
  • Facilitate discussions and debates about the aforementioned
  • Promote interesting academic research on contemporary Russia


Christine Jacobson

A new, but never-the-less resolute New Yorker who splits her time working at a non-profit Russian arts foundation and pining after grad programs in Slavic Studies. She holds a B.A. in Political Science and Russian studies from Stetson University. Her special interests include elections, party development, and press freedom. She once published a paper on Protest Voting in the Vestnik:  Journal of Russian and Asian Studies which can be found here.



One response to “About

  1. good luck with your new blog, it looks like it will be good and I am interested to see what you do with it! I am just commenting because I have a lot of the same interests as you and I wanted to extend the offer that if you want to increase awareness for your new blog you could publish a guest post on my blog (www.contentiouspoliticsrussia.com)!

    all the best, will

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